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What’s Texas-Style BBQ?

Start first with high-quality meats, apply just the right amount of spices + salt + pepper, and then let fire + smoke + time do the rest. And, as much as we love our sauce, we think it’s optional - sauce should compliment the flavor of the BBQ, not *be* the flavor!


What kind of wood do you use?

We use a mix of hardwoods, including red + white oak.


Why do you sell out of BBQ sometimes?

Our goal is to make sure everyone who comes in gets some tasty BBQ. But on some days, demand outstrips our capacity (or our ability to predict the future!) Many of our meats can take up to 18 hours in the smoker, so sadly it’s near impossible to quickly make more.


Is your BBQ gluten-free?

While we’re not a certified gluten-free kitchen, the vast majority of our smoked meats + a fair amount of our sides are gluten-free. Please let us know when you come in, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we make everything so you can make the decision on what’s best for you.


Can I buy a bottle of BBQ sauce?

We are working on bottling sauce for retail sale. In the meantime, we can provide a larger batch of sauce for a special purchase.


What’s the best temperature to eat BBQ?

That’s a matter of personal preference! But since we’re in the BBQ business (and not the steaming business!) we serve BBQ between 140-145F.


What’s the best way to reheat BBQ?

Low + slow! We recommend placing your BBQ, cut edges together, in tin-foil and placing in the oven at 250F until reheated.


Why did one Dino Beef Rib cost me $40?!?!

Our beef ribs are actually quite an exquisite cut of meat! Each rib is an entire English-cut short rib from close to where ribeye steaks are cut from. Because we sell each bone on its own, they typically weigh about 1-1.5 lbs each, so it can add up. But, wow, they are tasty! And make for great Instagram pics :)


How much should I order per person?

We typically recommend about ½-lb of meat per person, with a wee bit more if ordering pork ribs (factoring in added bone weight).


What is “Triple Threat” Pulled Pork?

We start with our smoked bone-in pork-butt, and then mix in 2 different types of delicious sausage with our special secret sauces! That brings us to 3 types of pork….and thus the Triple Threat :)


Do you deliver?

Not yet!


Do you do catering?

We are happy to create a delicious menu for your event, but we do not yet provide full catering services (ie portable warming boxes, staff to work events, etc). Please give us a call and we can discuss options + pricing.


Can I pre-order for pick-up?

Yes! Feel free to call us the same day for smaller orders (ie. 5 people or less) or with 2-3 business days notice for larger ones (ie. 6 people or more) and we’ll do our best to accommodate. But, please note, we may have a hard time answering the phone during rush periods.


Why don’t you stay open later?

Our biggest priority as we start up is to provide consistently amazing food + fantastic service every single minute we’re open. And with that commitment to quality for our customers, we also have a commitment to our team to make Revenge BBQ a great place to work. We never want any of our staff to burn out (pun intended!) Our promise to you then is that we’ll always be continually evaluating and optimizing our hours to get as much delicious BBQ made as possible, while making sure our team has the time it needs to also be at their best. We believe the difference in service is worth it.


Do you ship BBQ?

Not yet!


Can I make a reservation?

No reservations are needed. Seating is first-come, first serve. And we highly recommend the yellow stools in the window with lovely views of the Hudson River!


What vegetarian menu items do you have?

Our cole slaw, mac-n-cheese, corncakes, pickles, pickled onions, BBQ sauce and most sweets are vegetarian.


What’s in a pudding cup?

Our Banana Pudding Cup has our house-made banana pudding, whipped cream, and Nilla wafers. Our Birthday Cake Pudding Cup has vanilla pudding, yellow cake, whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles. Our Campfire S’mores Pudding Cup has chocolate pudding, smoked whipped cream (yes, smoked), graham crackers, and marshmallows. Availability of flavors will vary daily.


Do you sell your T-shirts + hats?

Yes, we do! Just tell the cashier what size + color you’d like.


Can I buy a gift card?

Yes indeed! Just swing by the BBQ, during our normal hours, and we will happily help you deliver some happy.