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It all BEGAN...

...with an intense desire to home-smoke brisket, which triggered the seemingly harmless purchase of a Weber Bullet Smoker. Then, what started as a weekend smoking challenge quickly progressed from hobby, to passion, to daydream… and then ended up on Main St.

Jacob + Catherine never imagined they’d be opening up a BBQ joint just around the corner from home when they moved from Manhattan to Irvington, NY.  Both worked for over 20+ years in Design before getting into the business of smoked-meats and pudding-cups. Now they want to apply everything they know about designing great experiences to Revenge BBQ so that they can bring authentic Texas-style smoked deliciousness to the town they’re proud to call home.

Stepping away from his career as a Global Design Executive, Jacob made the transition to Pitmaster + Proprietor after going deep into the world of Texas BBQ with stints at Camp Brisket at Texas A&M in College Station, and an internship with his “BBQ Yoda” Russell Roegels at Roegels BBQ in Houston.

Throughout their journey, Jacob + Catherine have loved speaking with so many people deeply passionate about BBQ, a true comfort food that brings warmth, smiles, and happy bellies.  And given that their son’s middle name is Revenge - based on the belief that, in life “happiness is the best revenge” - they could think of no better name for their new BBQ venture.

Revenge BBQ.